What Are Some Popular Beers in Pasadena?

It is not a hidden fact that beer is an alcoholic beverage and people like to consume it with a great meal, especially the ones belonging from Europe and North America. Unlike other alcoholic drinks beer is known to have certain benefits such as it has a considerable amount of vitamin B along with protein. Beer is also considered to be a good antioxidant which equals to that of wine. Hops is a major component of brewing beer is a rich source of flavonoids which are the potent antioxidants. Other than these qualities beer is also known to have a good amount of minerals that can help the metabolic processes of the body.

Given that beer is an alcoholic drink, people who are not interested in hard drinks seem to have a wrong concept about it. What they fail to realize is that beer is not the same as the other available hard drinks. If taken in the proper quantity, then beer can actually help your body in a lot of ways. Speaking of beer, craft beer is a traditional beer which is usually made by a small brewery in a non-mechanized way. When it comes to craft beer, we simply cannot afford to miss out on craft beer Pasadena. They make some of the best craft beers which you have to try it, you ever find yourself in the city of Pasadena. Today, in this article we are going to discuss some of the best craft beers that are available or made in the Pasadena Brewery.

List of popular beer in Pasadena

As already remarked above, Pasadena produces among the best craft beers in the world. To guide you straight we've prepared a list the most effective and the most popular beers that you can check out in Pasadena. Here you decide to go when using the beer Pasadena list:

1.           Craftsman Brewing Company: On the first spot in our list we have gotten the Craftsman Brewing Company and that is top-of-the-line Pasadena Brewery in LA County. Originally opened by Mark Jilg in the course of the late 1990s. With pre-prohibition style lagers and sours, Mark managed to establish his name in the beer industry. This type of brewery doesn't have a tasting room but instead, it features a partnership with Highland Park Italian restaurant Maximiliano which you could find Craftsman beer on tap in addition to restaurant's house beer which is a particular brew made by Mark.

2.            Congregation Ale House: Another excellent place where you can discover a-class quality craft beer is Congregation Ale House. It is a multi-location spot where they even serve as an attempt-to should you simply can't decide. This specific house serves a wide range of craft beer on tap that as well includes beer made by their Azusa brewpub. This makes it easier for the beer lovers to discover a style that suits their taste. In short, it may be concluded that this is a perfect place for individuals who need to check out different ranges of craft beer.

3.            Dog Haus Biergarten: Next on choices we've Dog Haus Biergarten which gives you great quality craft beer on tap. Along with the good quality beer, they offer burgers and sausages which totally go in the beer. The craft beer involves regional, local, and independent which is what the customers like to have while they are here in Dog Haus Biergarten. Should you ever visit this place then, make sure that you check out a few of their beer along with some delicious sausages and burgers.

4.            Der Wolfskopf: The following on the spot we hold the Der Wolfskopf that's an incredible place to be for all the beer lovers. All over has a tremendous set-up in the long communal tables along with 20 taps of beer which encourages the German solution to drinking. These are the German solution to drinking, the place serves a wide range of German craft beer together with a few others. This is a perfect method to enjoy your beer along with your team of friends.

5.            Arroyo Shell: That is yet another effective placed in Pasadena for all the beer lovers out there.  This place is particularly best known for its amazing craft beers. The special thing about Arroyo would be that they serve a large variety of craft beers to its customers. When you receive a craft beer out of this place you can rest assured of a thing you need and that's no matter what craft beer you select, you won't miss out on the amazing taste. The beer served by them is both satisfying and delicious. In short, if you ever maintain Pasadena you simply cannot afford to miss this place. If you do then, it's going to become your loss.

6.            Harlowe's French Dip: The name of the place itself can be enough when it comes to serving craft beers. Their menu offers you the finest ranges of craft beer which you just can't ignore. Not only that but in addition they serve mean dips along with some great food to their customers which only is beneficial to the taste no matter what the amazing beer that they pour in. This is a perfect spot to be if, you wish to enjoy some quality beer drinking time along with your friends. Regarding the tourists, this is one of the must-visit places in Pasadena.

7.            King's Row Gastropub: This place is nearly a beer heaven for the beer lovers out there. They are known to serve some of the most amazing craft beer selection to its customers. They have both regional and local craft beer from several breweries. In brief, it is a great spot for beer.

So, these are generally the best craft beer destinations in Pasadena. All of the described places are known to serve amazing crafts beer which is not only pleasing for your senses but additionally greatly satisfying. You have to visit all of these, if you ever happen to visit Pasadena.


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